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Webmaster Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the obligations of Twisted Media and webmaster affiliates taking part in the "Twisted Partners" Affiliate Program. Please note that no partnership is being inferred or created between Twisted Media and any affiliate with this agreement:

1. Affiliates may not promote our websites on sites displaying child pornography, bestiality, hate sites, or any other site containing illegal material.

2. Spam will not be tolerated. Should Twisted Media receive complaints of unsolicited e-mail sent by an affiliate, the affiliate's account will be terminated and payment commissions will be forfeited. The affiliate's information may be sent to the appropriate authorities.

3. FetishNation.com content may not be used to promote any other websites.

4. Affiliates may only use material created by Twisted Media to promote FetishNation.com. Affiliates may resize and crop our images provided that the url and/or copyright information remains legible.

5. Twisted Media must be able to track the source of traffic at all times, and be able to access the pages where our content, banners, and links are displayed.

6. You may not promote FetishNation.com on warez sites, password sites, or non adult websites unless you have received prior authorization from Twisted Media.

7. Affiliates employing fraudulent or illegal means of generating sales or traffic, will immediately have their account closed.

8. Credit card fraud is closely monitored and will not be tolerated. Every case is reported to the credit card companies and to the appropriate authorities.

9. The affiliate is responsible for providing Twisted Media with a valid e-mail address used for contact purposes.

10. Twisted Media is not responsible for loss due to downtime resulting from complications with hardware, software, hosting equipment or technical errors.

11. In the event that any conditions need to be changed or new conditions added, Twisted Media will post a notice. Affiliates will have ten days to become fully compliant with the new conditions. Affiliates not respecting the new conditions in the time allotted, will have their accounts terminated, and commissions generated ten days after the new conditions are in effect will be forfeited.

12. Twisted Media reserves the right to terminate this agreement or program for any reason. In any case, affiliates will be notified and will be paid for all earnings, except in cases where it is determined that the affiliate has violated any of these terms and conditions.

If you have any questions about the "Twisted Partners" Affiliate Program, please contact tess@fetishnation.com.


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